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 Onstage with Tracy Grey, moderating the BIZARRE BRITS FESTIVAL, Sept. 1, 2013 at Frankfurt's English Theater. (Note: Prince Charles in the BG).



Earlier this year, I played the (voice over) role of SHALE in the popular fantasy-adventure, role-playing game DRAGON AGE ORIGINS, released just before Xmas.

Described by BioWare, its makers, as "an epic tale of violence, lust and betrayal", a "dark heroic fantasy" story told on an epic scale with mature themes.

It was a load of fun to do and - to my huge delight - my performance has generated lots of praise and even some fan mail!

Some of my friends have pointed out a marked physical resemblance between me and Shale (above), which could be why I was selected for the role. But I've had a few queries that I would like to answer here:

Alex writes: I Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your performance as Shale (or "Shayle") in Dragon Age: Origins. The character was a lot of fun. I was just curious how much, outside of the audio effects, you altered your own voice for the part?

My natural voice is low pitched, but I had to make it even deeper and and more gravelly. Smoking two packs of Marlboro a day helped significantly. My thanks to Big Tobacco.

Norm from Cleveland: Just wanted to compliment you on your work as Shale in "Dragon Age: Origins."  What was the most challenging part of your voice-over role?

Smoking the Marlboros. Especially in Burbank, where smoking is a major felony.

And Ian says: I noticed that in the credits of the video game 'Dragon Age: Origins' by BioWare, you were cast in the role of the stone Golem named Shale. I'm curious how the sound engineers were able to make your voice sound so masculine, ignoring the point that Shale was a female dwarf in a past life.

See above. 

Many thanks to all you other gamers who were kind enough to drop me a line.

Credit where credit is due: Huge thanks and highest accolades to producer Ginny McSwain, who did a great job directing the vocals and to all the guys at TIS in Burbank, where we did the recording.

Click on the following links to see a trailer, together with some sequences involving Shale:

The Stone Prisoner Trailer

Part 76: Shale comes to life

And should anyone be interested in hearing what my voice normally sounds like - without all the electronic FX - check out this Podcast I did with my best buddy Linda: Enjoy!

Gossip - Slaves to Fashion

WARHAMMER Online - The Age of Reckoning

 Here I am narrating the Cinematic Trailer for the Warhammer Online Video Game (2008)


And now for something completely different - Stills from "The Gentle Sisters"


Cast: L to R: Sandra Regenbogen, Anna Rogers, Tracey Grey, Me, Pamela Vollmar, Linda Potlltz

Tracey & Me. 

 Anna, Pam & Geraldine getting a bollocking from the director

 Here I am - last nun on the right! The Gentle Sisters with director Stewart Booth

Sandra, Tracey, Linda & me.


boothwessel production company


 A drama by Stewart Booth.

Stewart Booth’s latest play, being shown for the first time at the Internationales Theater, Frankfurt, introduces an all-female cast.

On a warm evening in June, Vicky is waiting at home for her friends from the local amateur dramatics group to arrive. The wine’s been chilled; finger food at the ready, and she’s feeling quite pleased with herself. She’s managed to find two new actresses for the production they’ll be doing in autumn at the local theatre.  One of them being a German girl newly introduced to the group.
When she announces that the professional actress, Kate Taunton, is to possibly take part, there is a buzz of excitement in the room. However, not all of the six women react in the same way. In this touching drama, the fate of the ladies is intertwined with deep-seated consequences.