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Adaptations, Translations & Voice-Overs - a Selection


FILM & MEDIA: Writer/director Ivan Fila Screenplays: YIGGE, KING OF THIEVES, BELLA LUNA for Eyeworks Films & TV Drama; Writer/Director Milan Cisslar/Arno Lustig: COLETTE (motion picture screenplay for Happy Celluloid Pictures): Marco Polo Films (documentary: OPERATION DEEP SEA),  DIE ZEITMASCHINE (THE TIME MACHINE) - Documentary Portrait of Helmut Sinn for framespotting media-port; U5 Filmproduktion (div. treatments/synopses/screenplays), Go East Film Festival (program), TV Schönfeld: TV Documentaries: THE GESTAPO, THE HITLERS, IZBICA, ROMMEL, LENKA REINEROVA, SACHSENHAUSEN KZ; Cinegrafik Filmproduktion: CATHEDRAL OF NEW EMOTIONS (animated feature), Strandfilm/ARTE: BRINKS BANDITS (TV-Documentary). Verlag der Autoren: Film sceenplays: BITTER VICTORY, ROSES FOR AFRICA, SO NEAR, SO FAR, THE NEW MAN; Lothar Spree Films, NEWS FROM TROY, POMPEII (Documentary features), Magicworx Filmproduktion: feature film scripts: BABYLON BLUES, CITY FEVER,  HR/Telesaar: TV-series:TRESKO (multi-episodic), ZDF/Traumwerk: TIME SHUTTLE (documentary), Tempomedia - documentary films: PASSAGE THROUGH TIME, CIRCLES, KRONOS QUARTET, Eichborn Verlag: DAS KLEINE ARSCHLOCH cartoon book series by Walter Möers - english version LITTLE ASSHOLE); Selkirk Pictures & Enterprises Ltd. documentary film scripts/dialogue: MILLE MIGLIA, THE MARBELLA CLUB, LA BAMBA, JACKY ICKX - FRANKLY, FRANCO (Synopsis/Expose), HISTOCLIPS- 100 Moments of German History (ZDF/Halbtotal Film); FALCONRY IN ALGERIA, FALCONRY IN MONGOLIA, KAZAKHSTAN (Scripts); Series of Documentaries for MISEREOR (Fair Trade, Global But Just, Flood Control, Pastorialism); YOU WILL BE CALLED (Feature film script revision/polish for Blue Screen Entertainment); Series of educational DVDs for DokumentAR Film: THE GERMAN QUESTION, WAR & PEACE l & ll, REVOLUTION, WORLD WAR l, WHAT MAKES OUR CHILDREN SICK (Documentary exposé & concept for Langbein Films, Vienna)


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FILM/TV/DOCUMENTARIES: Madbox Filmtrick/ZDF (CASTILLO - 2 seasons, animated children's s TV series), TV Schöenfilm (Documentary films: LENKA REINEROVA, SACHSENHAUSEN KZ), Occasione documentation (KICK THE LION  documentary feature), Teletota Alsace (THE BUSHMEN Documentary feature), SWR (various documentary narrations), ZDF_ (TV documentaries: MORGENLAND; THE NASCA LINES,  DOCTORS OF DEATH ("Mengele’s Heirs". HELMUT SINN - THE TIME MACHINE (documentary narration, HISTOCLIPS - 100 Moments.of German History (narration) (ZDF, ALONE AGAINST AL QAEDA (ZDF Documentary), 

PC/VIDEO GAMES: DRAGON AGE ORIGINS (Boiware's Game: role of "Shale"), WAR HAMMER - CD-ROM Game (Narrator), CASINO ROYALE (role of "M")

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