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Author, Screenwriter, Journalist, Voice-Over Actor & Humorist!

Born in the UK and educated in both England and the US, Geraldine is of dual-nationality. Although she is currently not quite sure which is worse!

With a solid background in music, journalism, and the performing arts, (and several decades in the music business), she moved on to become an active film and TV screenwriter, vocalist, lyricist, music and script consultant for numerous European productions and production houses, specializing in screenplay development and dramaturgy. Parallel to these activities and upon relocating to Germany in the mid-80s, she worked as a vocalist, lyricist, screenwriter, TV journalist and producer, as well as a freelance print journalist for a variety of music and film industry publications.

Following her first feature film screenplay SCHLOSS & SIEGEL in the late-80s, (produced by Frankfurt Filmwerkstatt for ZDF and winner of the Max Orphüls Prize for Best Screenplay), she returned to music and spent the following decade touring with her own band IN THE RED, as well as doing guest appearances with various bands, artists and ensembles both live, on TV, (with such artists as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey) and in the recording studio. 

In 2001, she entered the corporate world, joining the Board of Directors of Hollywood film production company Kings Road Entertainment, Inc., producer of more than 28 well-known motion pictures including SLAP SHOT, ALL OF ME, THE BIG EASY, JACKNIFE, FASTBREAK, CREATOR, and the KICKBOXER franchise, also acting as Company Secretary. In late 2002, she assumed the position of CEO, serving until late-2007. During her tenure, she was responsible for administering all aspects of a publicly traded corporation: day-to-day operations, public filings, corporate compliance, film library administration, and was likewise in charge of feature film development and international co-production activities. Ms. Blecker is still a shareholder of this company.

Since returning to Germany in late-2007, Geraldine has been focusing her talents on journalism, creative writing, including original screenplays, literary adaptations, film reviews and translation services, as well as working as a voice-over artist . In 2005, she signed to the Vox Talent Agency in Los Angeles and has voiced many well-known commercials, documentaries, and video games (e.g. leading roles in DRAGON AGE ORIGINS and WAR HAMMER). Her screenplay THE SOUNDMASTER was granted script support and development funding by the Media Board of the State of Hessen in 2017. Further original projects include the pilot screenplay and series bible for the high-concept, Sci-Fi series IMMUNE for Cinevu Films (Vancouver), as well as the screenplay for the remake of the 1989 action feature THE SALUTE OF THE JUGGER, (aka: THE BLOOD OF HEROES), the original written and directed by David Webb Peoples (BLADE RUNNER, 12 MONKEYS),

Ms. Blecker attended London’s National Film and Television School (focusing on production and international media law). She speaks fluent German, can order a beer in French and Spanish, and hurl abuse in a handful of other languages. She is a member of the BAJ (British Association of Journalists), SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors’ Guild / American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and VDK, (Assoc. of German Film Critics).


Geraldine is represented by the VOX TALENT AGENCY, Los Angeles, and has voiced many well-known commercials, documentaries and video games. 

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