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High Concept, Sci-Fi Series, 

by Michael Sloan, Jeff Barmash, George Erschbamer & Geraldine Blecker

130 Years ago, a comet traveling past earth encapsulated the planet with an iridescent, glowing dust. For 3 days, it contaminated everything it touched. No one suspected that this was the first wave of an Alien invasion; the cosmic dust the beginning of a process whereby human DNA would be transformed and mutate, allowing the aliens to inhabit the human body. Now, a century later, the transmutation is close to completion. But the aliens must first eliminate the very few throughout the world whose DNA remains pure and unaffected. It is the IMMUNES – who come from all walks of life – housewife to serial killer – who will determine the fate of mankind. Their lives forever altered, as they are either annihilated, or rescued and relocated to a covert location and forced to leave behind all they have ever known. Watch the trailer below!

Psycho-thriller set against a surrealistic technotronic landscape.  Techno, Trance, Hip-Hop, House: Music of the urban subculture: permanent fixture of the cityscape; DJs and rappers the superstars of the New Millennium. Thousands of kids attend spontaneous parties, publicized by word of mouth. Just harmless fun. Until the killings start. The attacks seem random. The police helpless. Thousands of kids, all potential witnesses, saw nothing. Or thought it was another special effect. Only ALEX, brilliant sound engineer has a possible clue. He just happened to get a murder on "chip" - in top quality sound. And because sound is his obsession, he starts "enhancing" the unique "sample", developing it to its full gory potential. So while the cops fruitlessly use traditional methods in a desperate hunt for the killer, Alex is already mixing the one and only clue into the hookline of his macabre new dance-floor single... and developing his own ideas about finding the murderer. Check out the trailer below!


Remake of the 1989  feature film written and directed by David Webb Peoples, produced by Kings Road Enterainment 

New script penned by Geraldine Blecker for West Coast Pictures, LLC 

In the post-apocalyptic future, the only way of surviving the wasted world is the brutally violent sport of "Jugging." When Sallow,  an outcast champion Jugger, loses his toughest player during a match, he takes on Kidda, an aggressive young female apprentice. Together they make an unbeatable team. Sallow and his band of Juggers prepare themselves to challenge the League Of Nine Cities, for the time has come for him to reclaim his honor in a devastating no-holds-barred fight to the finish!

JUMBA TO JUMBA (Home to Home)

A 10 part series for a global audience

By Geraldine Blecker

Based on the story by Samir Kotecha 

Director: Arun Kumar

Executive Producers: Arun Kumar / Soma Films Ltd., Suresh and Samir Kotecha

sweeping saga spanning over one hundred years and three generations in the lives of the Kotecha mercantile family. From the great salons of London and the royal courts of Europe to Bombay and Hong Kong; from China to East Africa and back again around the globe…. Fortunes made and fortunes lost. Loyalties sworn and loyalties betrayed.

It's at the reading of the Will that FAT PETER first learns about his twin brother, thought to be living in New York.  Worse still, the estate is to be frozen aforesaid twin has been located. So, it's off to the Big Apple for Fat Peter the trumpet player and musician buddies THOMAS and MANFRED, on tuba and accordion, respectively. In search of Johannes Mueller. And so the trio's musical odyssey begins, taking them through every ethnic quarter of the city, where there?s always another "Joe Miller" to join the band, but never Fat Peter's twin. Then, there is MAX BAUMGARTEN, PI, to help. Always on the lookout for a quick buck: He needs it, too, for he has big time debts to big time entrepreneur BIG SALVATORE  who has big problems of his own.  An irreverent, multicultural tale of romance, action, music and adventure -  with plenty of laughs!
For over 300 years, they have been abused, cheated and lied to. But over the next few months, everything will change and the global financial markets will awaken to new rules. The representatives from over 500 independent sovereign nations have just completed an accounting of their combined net worth. What is uncovered today will fashion a new corporate structure, valued at more than 500 billion dollars and change the global financial marketplace forever. Although most of them had accepted their poverty for centuries, they had no idea of the power they actually possessed. And now, the tribes have found the mechanism to carry them into this position of power - and the man to wield it.