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Irony & Fake How to organize a memorable event!

by Geraldine, April 2018


Be it trade fair, industry conference, or media festival, here are a few simple tips to ensure maximum discomfort and frustration for your visitors and guests.


Obscurity is key. Begin with a concept that is as elaborate and incomprehensible as possible. Your mission and focus - should you choose to have either - must be long-winded and torturously complex. Your title, although equally vague, should nevertheless be dynamic. One word that covers a lot of territory. Some examples: ART, VISION, POWER, INNOVATION, ENERGY, MOBILITY, FUTURE, CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, etc.


This obscurity should be reflected in all PR: advertising, website and print material. Design rather than clarity is of prime importance. The ideal catalogue, for instance, is a heavy, brick-like tome, printed on thick, glossy paper in tiny, illegible script, e.g. white print on a grey background (or vice versa), to ensure maximum unreadability. This principle should also be applied to all maps and floorplans.

Descriptions of exhibitions, individuals, and events should be incomprehensible. No one should be able to understand what you’re getting at, but will not admit it for fear of seeming stupid. Visitors should know less after reading the catalogue than they knew before. This motivates each visitor to interpret the event according to his or her own expectations.


Never lose sight of your main goal, which is to attract sponsors and state funding. The more ambiguous the concept, the easier it will be to attract sponsors, who should be made to feel that they are supporting a culturally significant event.

The Premiere

Your event should be stuffed with as many well-known guests and celebrities as possible, who are to be trotted out at a dazzling, red-carpet premiere, after which they can crawl back into the woodwork. This will enhance the visitors’ sense of expectation and make their subsequent disillusionment more poignant when they never see their faces again. Should press coverage be thin, you can always hire a bunch of extras to pose as photographers and ensure a sufficient amount of clicking and flashing to enhance the glamor.


Location, Location, Location!

Choose with care. Avoid a lively ambience and ensure that your venue is as uninviting as possible. A bleak and unappealing entrance is ideal.

There should be no pleasant area where visitors, industry professionals and panelists can gather for stimulating talk and networking.  No free food or drinks should be offered anywhere.





An abandoned, multi-storied carpark, or labyrinthine office block is the perfect venue. Exhibits and installations are best displayed in cramped, oppressive offices - or better still, in dark, dingy closets.

To enhance the element of surprise, no sign or hint of what is going on within should be revealed on the door outside. Visitors should be given the opportunity to take some healthy exercise, traipsing along miles of gloomy corridors in search of their destination.



Timing is everything. Disastrous events are best held in the depths of winter, i.e. between late-Nov. and late Feb. Preferably during snow storms or torrential rain, or both, and at a time when masses of other popular events are being held concurrently, e.g. Christmas Market, World Cup, Winter Olympics, etc.

Ensure that various events (e.g. screenings, peripherals, retrospectives, sidebars, forums, panel discussions, keynotes, seminars, workshops, receptions, etc.), are scattered throughout the city (as far apart as possible) so that visitors can get to know the town.


Organization should be as chaotic as possible, preferably non-existent. Clarity is to be avoided at all costs. Staff should be ignorant of location, schedule, or program, to ensure that visitors - as well as guests and panelists - are unable to obtain any explicit information in advance. This also goes for the online support team, if any. Ensure that no one responds to any emails and/or phone calls, or that the telephone “hotline” is constantly engaged or deactivated. The same principle should be applied to printed material. The location of an event should remain unspecified in the program. This heightens the sense of mystery for guests and visitors alike.


To enhance a sense of adventure, limit access to public conveniences and ensure that all elevators are out of commission. Visitors will profit from the additional exercise involved in trudging up and down three flights of stairs looking for the toilets.


Should your event include screenings, ensure that the films shown are completely different to those publicized in the program. This provides an added surprise factor, offering visitors the chance to see works they would not otherwise choose. Suggested are incomprehensible foreign arthouse films with illegible subtitles (e.g. Iranian films with Polish subtitles, or vice versa). Irritation is enhanced when films are screened in the wrong format. Avoid showing any films with a positive message, or those that provide amusement or entertainment of any kind.

Panels, Presentations, Seminars and Workshops

As many of your guests and speakers rely on Internet access for their presentations, ensure that the venue’s WiFi connection is pitiful and that the sound system is wretched, as all presentations benefit from screeching microphone feedback and booming reverb. The absence of any competent technical personnel will also allow your guests and speakers the opportunity to improvise when their presentation tanks.

Receptions & Networking Events

If you feel compelled to throw a reception or networking event in order to enhance your corporate profile, here are a few tips to guarantee maximum discomfort for all concerned. When people gather, they generally like to talk, so events are best held in large, echoing, high-ceilinged halls. This will ensure that people have to shriek at one another in order to be heard.

Invitations and Registration

In order to calculate how many visitors to expect, and how many chairs will be required (should seating be provided), as well as catering needs, it is essential to make everyone register in advance for each talk, reception, seminar, etc.

For maximum frustration, this procedure should be as complicated and time-consuming as possible. Under the guise of security, each registration should require entering an email address (which will enable you to bombard them with newsletters and PR forever after), user name and a password – preferably a minimum of 32 characters, composed of CAPITALS, symbols * # and digits. For specific registration, notably press accreditation, will require such additional proof as copies of press ID, published articles, birth certificate, fingerprints, police record, blood test and DNA swab.

If you feel that your event is likely to be under-attended, you can always resort to the premiere strategy, by hiring a bunch of extras to turn up, feign interest and applaud wildly at the appropriate time. Or better still, and cheaper, invite plenty of friends and relatives, or simply drag some passers-by in off the street.

·  Sponsoren: Man sollte jährlich seine Mission und Guidelines ändern, damit man dynamisch und vorwärtsgewandt wirkt und gleichzeitig den Partnern eine solide Grundlage zum Verfolgen konkreter Projekte entzieht

·  Den Begriff Akkreditierung finde ich hier missverständlich, vielleicht besser Einladungsorganisation und Rückmeldeverfahren/ Invitation organization and feedback procedure

The maximum Splash for minimum Cash

Most receptions offer food & drink, which need not be too costly. The traditional buffet table has been replaced by a new trend. Circulating trays of weirdness, generally consisting of an unidentifiable object flapping around on the end of a toothpick; or miniscule portions of something revolting floating in a shot glass, or served on a bent spoon. See below for some disgusting ideas.

Gratuitous prizes for an array of superfluous achievements should be granted in a glittering closing Awards Ceremony, where your celebrities will magically reappear, and the various sponsors, organizers, curators and bureaucrats can congratulate themselves at length (onstage) to extensive media coverage.

The Last Word

Mitigate the resultant damage by bombarding the media with press releases, claiming the huge success of your event, with record-breaking attendance figures!

If you follow these tips, your event is sure to be memorable!


 The COTTON BALL DIET is especially popular in Alabama and is just what its name implies. You eat cotton balls, either dry or soaked in gelatin. The idea is that cotton balls contain few calories but are very filling, so you won’t have much room for anything else. They are also high in fiber, which would be good if it was the kind of fiber  you needed. Possible Side Effects: Exceedingly tedious, dry and disgusting. Contains no vitamins or nutrients of any kind. Leads to constipation and violent vomiting. 

The CABBAGE SOUP DIET also called the “Russ­ian peas­ant diet,” the “Sacred Heart diet,” and the “TJ mir­a­cle soup diet,” con­sists of eat­ing nothing but cab­bage soup for a week. Claimed to generate a 10 pound weight loss, which is refuted by most experts. As most weight lost on this diet consists of water, the loss is temporary. Possible Side Effects: High sodium con­tent and extremely low pro­tein lead to feel­ings of weak­ness, and horrendous flatulence. (The FARTO speciailty drug store can provide relief for the latter).

 The CAVEMAN DIET also known as the Paleolithic Diet, revolves around mimicking the diet of Stone Age man, (who had an average life span of 15 years). The only food allowed is what can be hunted and gathered, and consists of leaves, berries, roots, nuts and bushes. Lean meat and fish can be eaten, as long as you hunt and kill it all yourself, which is guaranteed to give you plenty of exercise. Grains, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and oils are strictly off-limits. Possible Side Effects: Serious injuries can be sustained when running away from dangerous animals or eating the  wrong bush.

The TAPEWORM DIET is almost too revolting to contemplate and involves ingesting tapeworm-infested raw or rotting  meat (preferably beef) and then letting the parasite do its thing for up to 10 weeks. Then taking antibiotics to get rid of the things. Possible Side Effects: The little buggers won't go away. 

And if none of these diets appeal to you, then I suggest  my old time-tested, weight-loss favorites POOP-IT-OUT and CHUK-IT-UP, which work best taken after a liberal dose of hot sauce. I can  specially recommend the ones featured below.

Or better still - to find out lots of dietary stuff you never knew, or already did but were trying to suppress, read THE DIET JOKE - A REPROGRAMMING GUIDE FOR PERPETUAL CONSUMERS  by Lisa Padace, published by Big Shot Press, San Diego, or order directly online from

And finally, if we are what we eat, then that explains this: 

Fighting the Xmas Flab!

Weight is certainly a problem just after the Christmas holidays, when we’ve been stuffing ourselves senseless.So with your needs in mind, I’ve been looking into some brand new diets that are taking Beverly Hills by storm. Here’s are the top two.


Designed by Dr. Sanford Siegal, the Hollywood Cookie Diet is based on a carefully crafted recipe which suppresses hunger. You eat only one meal a day, supper, which should consist of 6 ounces of chicken, turkey or seafood.

So, what about the cookies? Not intended to replace a meal, you nibble on those whenever you get peckish and need to eat at least six a day (washing them down with at least eight glasses of water) for the diet to be effective. The one meal and six cookies amount to 800 calories, which is the point of the whole exercise.


 “Always on the lips. Never on the hips, is the slogan advertising Fuze Slenderize Lip Gloss, which claims to contain active ingredients that curb the appetite, speed the metabolism, and boost energy levels. This is down to the wondrous new plant extract SuperCitrimax, which supposedly keeps hunger pangs at bay and stops the body converting carbohydrates into fat.

On the other hand, some bloke in the UK lost 140 lb by only eating baked beans!

Awards Season!

What with the Golden Globes, Sundance, the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards ceremonies on the horizon, it is definitely Awards Season. Here are some other, lesser known awards events that you definitely won’t be seeing on TV.


The Smelly Sneaker Contest began in 1975 to boost  shoe sales at a local sporting goods store and blossomed into a national event in 1988, when Odor-Eaters assumed sponsorship. Since then, it has fermented into the ultimate test of the degree of offensiveness that can be generated by a kid's sneakers. Footwear is judged on the conditions of the sole, tongue, heel, toe, laces or Velcro, eyelets/grommets, overall condition and, most importantly, odor, by a panel.

Fifteen-year-old Ben Russell, from Alaska, and his decrepit and malodorous size 7 Nike's won the 33rd annual National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest, in Montpelier, VT. He beat seven other contestants, from Michigan, Utah, Georgia, California, New Jersey, Vermont and New Mexico, to take home the grand prize of $2,500. He might even use some of it to buy a new pair of sneakers.



The Stella Awards are granted to people who file outrageous and frivolous lawsuits, named after Stella Liebeck who spilled a cup of McDonalds coffee onto her lap in 1992, causing third degree burns. She sued McDonalds and was awarded $2.9 million in damages, which was subsequently reduced by the court to $640,000, though she later settled with McDonalds for an undisclosed amount.

The last winner of the True Stella Award was Roy L. Pearson Jr., a 57-year-old Administrative Law Judge from Washington DC, who claimed that a dry cleaner lost a pair of his trousers, so he sued the small, family business for more than $65 million. Representing himself, Judge Pearson bemoaned the loss of his pants in the courtroom, but failed to move the Superior Court judge, who called the case “vexatious litigation,” berated Pearson for his conduct, and awarded damages to the dry cleaners. Pearson, however, filed an appeal: The case is still pending.



Named after evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin, the Darwin Award is an honor, posthumously granted, to those who “do a service to humanity by accidentally removing themselves from the gene pool” - in a sublimely idiotic fashion.

Some examples of Darwin award winners include: Jumping out of a plane to film skydivers without wearing a parachute (US,1987); Trying to get enough light to look down the barrel of a loaded muzzleloader gun using a cigarette lighter (US, 1996); Attempting to play Russian roulette with a semi-automatic pistol that automatically loads the next round into the chamber, etc..

The most recent winner was “The Enema Within”, where a man died of alcohol poisoning after inserting two 1.5 litre bottles of sherry into his rectum.




Napping at work!

Bet you didn't know that a 20-minute nap can improve your overall alertness, boost your mood, increase your productivity and make your employer happy!

William Anthony, co-author of The Art of Napping at Work - this is no joke, this guy actually bothered to write a book about the topic and even got it published, (Larson Publications, 1999). His co-author seems to have had the good sense to remain anonymous!

Anyway, according to Mr. Anthony, the post-nap boost can last for several hours. In addition, your heart apparently reaps benefits.

In a six-year study of Greek adults, researchers found that men who took naps at least three times a week had a 37% lower risk of coronary-related death.

I don't suppose this had anything to do with the fact that those same Greek men didn't pig out on fatty foods washed down with plenty of beer like many of their US counterparts.


Then, don't forget, 43,7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


Casting shows - a flash in the pan?

Bad news for those of us who’d hoped that Reality-TV and casting shows were just a passing fad.

Hot on the heels of voting for Germany’s next Top Model, Pop Idol, Best Survivor, Worst Driver, Lousiest Mechanic, Fattest Viewer, Best Inventor, together with reality shows focusing on Wife Swapping, Home Redecorating, gay guys dressing straight dudes, and various coaches and counsellors tormenting juvenile delinquents live on TV, among a plethora of others equally mindless if not downright sadistic, Germany’s TV networks have just launched some choice new product. Here are the “top” three exciting new programs:

Germany’s VOX network deserves some special brownie points for the sheer extraneousness of its latest casting show TOP CUT - in search of the next superstar hairdresser.

This is not a joke. 15 Crimpers compete before a jury of their utterly obscure and cretinous peers  from the hairdressing world, as pictured here on the right.

Nor is RTL - who has a lot to answer for after inflicting BIG BROTHER on Europe - dragging its feet in the casting show frenzy. The network’s latest offering, “Mission Hollywood” offers 12 young actresses the chance to compete for a role in one of the upcoming sequels in the “Twilight” film franchise. Contestants “have to go through the motions of the real job” of an actress, such as doing stunts, re-enacting movie scenes from such films as “Dirty Dancing” and “9 1/2 Weeks” and, needless to say, taking their clothes off.

The show’s host Til Schweiger (one of Germany’s "biggest” stars) and acting coach Bernhard Hiller serve as permanent judges, joined every week by a third and equally obscure juror. Famous guests include lots more people you’ve never heard of.

But public broadcaster ZDF, after choosing pop idols and top models, is not to be outdone and its latest show  "Ich kann Kanzler" ("I can be Chancellor") hosted by Steffen Seibert, takes the cake,  actually offering winners the chance to run the country.

Viewers can watch the cheap and cheesy videos submitted by six finalists, who outline their political agendas. Current favourite is 18-year old Delano Osterbrauck of Munich - who bears a startling resemblance to Barack Obama - and spouts meaningful slogans like "Harness the strengths of all our citizens."

40 out of the 2,500 contestants were selected to come to Bonn, where each one made a brief speech in the old Bundestag (German Parliament) before a panel of 3 judges composed of a politician, a TV talk show host, and a comedienne: All superbly qualified, I’m sure you will agree, to choose the next government leader in the country’s forthcoming elections on September 27. 

But neither Germany nor ZDF can claim the dubious honor of creating this program. Patterned after CBC’s "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister,” it evolved from an essay contest, has been airing for three years and turned out to be a surprise hit. So this is something we can definitely blame on Canada, who have been selling the concept around the world. Germany's version is to be followed by Australia and Britain. Will the crap never end?

As the TV networks obviously seem to be scraping the barrel here, I thought of a few new concepts for tasteless shows that would provide terrific entertainment.

Germany’s Best Undertaker - with spin-offs like: Best Funeral Makeup, Europe’s Top Porno Star, Super Slut, and Paedophile of the Month.

Another step towards world peace

Nothing gives me more of a warm, fuzzy feeling of international closeness and hope for world peace in our times than the annual Eurovision Song Contest. 

This year's winner was Alexander Rybak of Norway, whose song FAIRYTALE - little better than any of the rest, quite honestly - obviously touched a chord with more than 100 million viewers watching the hours-long event in horrified fascination "live" per satellite from Moscow's Olympic Indoor Arena on May 16th.

As Europe seems to be getting larger by the minute - in fact, every time I get back it seems as if some new and unpronounceable territory has joined the Union, happily exchanging their Dogovian Slotniks for the Euro (currently 150 million Slotniks to the Euro) - 42 nations took part this year, some of which you are as unlikely to have heard of as you are to visit - at least if you know what's good for you. FYR Macedonia, for example, or Armenia, Belarus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Slobogostan, Montenegro, Moldova, Estonia, Upper Bogdavia, Lower Zscrenwcysk, Andorra, to name but a few. If nothing else, the 54th Eurovision Song Contest certainly served as a lesson in geography. I, for one, didn't even know that Israel and Azerbaijan were in Europe!

The general euphoria was unfortunately tarnished by the arrest of a group of gay rights protesters right outside the door, while Georgia was banned on political grounds for entering a song that disparaged Russian prime minister Putin, and the striptease artiste who performed alongside Germany's entry was felt to be in poor taste. This surprised me somewhat, as most of the contestants performed practically naked, which served as an effective distraction from the abysmal quality of the music.

Despite this, there were some poignant moments and worthy - if unrealistic - sentiments, such as Israel's appeal for harmony and understanding with Palenstine in its entry entitled There Must Be Another Way.

The Age of Communications

My cell phone fell apart the other day, stuck together with Scotch tape as it was. So I went shopping for a new one. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a new phone from my mobile service provider as I had just stupidly renewed my contract for another 80 years for no discernible benefits – but that’s another story for another time.

Believe it or not, I’ve been looking for a “dumb” phone. You know; the kind you used to use to just call people and maybe access voice mails. I don’t need a mobile entertainment center with “jamba”, samba, mamba, rumba, or any other kind of Latin American dance packages. No games, nor instant Internet connection when you accidentally press the wrong key. I don’t need 780 different ring tones with dancing frogs or puking hamsters, or email access; nor do I want to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster on the tiny screen, or see my favourite sports team, TV soap, or any porn either, for that matter. I don’t need a 35 megapixel camera with a 100x digital zoom, 6-hour video recording, mp3 player, Am/FM radio, disco lightshow, toaster, baby alarm, RSS reader, portable X-ray machine, burglar alarm, diet plan, navigation system, dialysis machine, or integrated sex toy. I just want to be able to make a wretched phone call without being instantly connected to the Web Browser for $1,000 a minute.

I don’t want to chat on MyCase, ButtFace, SpaceBook, GlueTube, Twatter, or any other social network. I don’t want to flirt online, play Jeopardy or strip poker, or take part in any quizzes, contests, phone sex, or beam anything to anybody anywhere at any time. I don’t need smileys, pod-casts, jingles, templates, pop songs, psychedelic screensavers, clip art libraries, or videos. I don’t need Bluetooth, infra-red, or quad-band, nor do I need 38 security settings with separate pin numbers (all of them case sensitive), or a barium enema. I just want to make a fucking phone call… Is that asking too little?

Scams of the month...

It’s been a busy month for the scammers, if I’m anything to go by. Got back from the US on Feb. 3. One day later, I get a call from American Express, asking if I’d just spent $11,700 in a spa resort in New South Wales, Australia! Nice thought, but needless to say, it wasn’t me. Still, somebody did, courtesy of my Amex card. Now, this card had only been activated six weeks before, never been out of my sight and even I didn’t know the pin code or security number. So how the hell did they do that? Anyway, Amex, as polite and efficient as always, dealt with this matter and in a manner causing me zero personal grief and no financial loss - apart from the initial heart flutter at the news - and made it right.


About 10 minutes later, I’m opening the mail and find a bunch of accumulated bills from my mobile service provider (Debitel, who prefers to remain anonymous). On each of which an extra $15 had been added for "total costs for external services". What services? I asked myself. And Debitel, too, for that matter, when I called the help line. (Needless to say, they kept me hanging on for about 40 minutes at $50 a second, before picking up.)


Debitel couldn’t say, unfortunately, but advised me to contact the external service provider directly, who would give me the details. Neither could Debitel cancel aforesaid external service, which had to be canceled with the provider of same. Debitel did not balk, however, at adding the costs of these unknown services from their unknown provider to my bill and subsequently deducting the money from my bank account. When I protested about this, I was told that it was to be found in Debitel’s "general terms and conditions". At the bottom of page 874, I believe. I did, of course, request confirmation - like, something in writing - attesting to the fact that I had ordered such services (and from whom). Unfortunately, they could not provide that, either.


So, I called my bank to cancel Debitel's direct debit authorization. But the bank can’t do that, apparently. Only Debitel can. Once you have granted direct debit authorization to a vendor or service provider, only that party can cancel it! You can, of course, cancel each individual payment that is debited when you spot it on your statement. But you only have a certain time in which to do it, and you’ve got to keep on your toes. If you’re on the road and can’t contact your bank, you’ve lost the money!! The beat goes on - but I’ll save the next exciting episode in this long tale of woe for next month.


Sometimes I wonder how much better a world we could be living in, if man’s boundless enterprising spirit and creativity when it comes to fraud could be directed into positive channels - like saving the planet and stuff. Don’t you?


I Want a Bailout!

Ironically enough, the 2008 LA Auto Show, advertised as one of the most exciting events of the year and doubtless at a phenomenal cost, is taking place at the LA Convention Center from Nov. 19-30 - with admission free for kids under 12! (Make of that what you will, but I see it as a sure sign that drivers will be getting considerably younger in the not-too-distant future!).

Apart from all the new cars on display - although there are plenty to be seen along the miles of deserted auto showrooms on Santa Monica Blvd.- there will even be some autograph sessions with the cast of "Pimp My Ride" and the Major League Soccer All-Stars, as well as an appearance by the LA Lakers! 

 No doubt the CEOs from the three major US automakers will also be leaping into their private jets to fly in from Detroit, hot on the heels of their recent, pitiful performance in Washington, where they appeared to beg Congress for a $25 bn. handout. Not only did they arrive in 3 separate luxury jets (from the same place), which put everybody's noses truly out of joint - described by one Congressional leader as "turning up at a soup kitchen in a top hat and tails." - but they didn't even have a business plan to present when they got there. In fact, no one is quite sure how they arrived at the figure of $25 bn. in the first place.

Well, I've been involved in various business ventures in my time and even I know that if I want to beg, borrow or steal a paltry $50K to open my own toilet-paper company, I have to turn up at the bank with a business plan as thick as a telephone directory (or a toilet roll), including circles and arrows and graphs and pie charts, some aerial photography and a cash plan together with an activity flow chart for the next 30 years. Maybe I should have tried approaching Congress.... 

 The News...

What laughingly passes for the news over here - although anyone who really wants to know what's going tunes in to "The Daly Show"  - features little more than a brief snippet of fact, followed by hours of (ads, needless to say) talking heads - some qualified, some not - giving us their take. There's hardly any air-time these days for Brittney Spears, who has made a sudden, albeit brief, reappearance on TV screens. I guess we'll have to watch CRC (the Celebrity Rehab Channel), if we want to know more.

Telecommunication, Spam and Viagra...

As this is how most people communicate these days, no serious bitching would be complete without some mention of telecommunication and Spam. Everybody you know seems to have at least 35 different email addresses and 18 phone numbers, although strangely enough, this does not make contact any easier. No one in the US will answer the phone for a start, because of all the telemarketing, so you have to leave voice mails all over the place. These sometimes disappear into the ether - or wherever it is that voice mails go - so the notification often doesn’t appear until days later. Lord help you, if your message was urgent. Important emails likewise often go astray and float around somewhere but, it’s a weird thing, the SPAM always seems to get through! Even if it lands in your spam folder, it gets there.


Now, you can install a million firewalls, anti-virus programs and spam-blockers, which will only serve to slow down your PC, clutter up your hard drive, and make sure you can’t get in touch with anyone at all. But the SPAM will still slip through.


... a Hard View

A few months back, I wrote an amusing (I thought) little piece about all the glorious financial opportunities that were landing in my spam folder. You know the ones, the Spam Scams telling you about the lottery tickets you’ve won, the FedEx package that has just arrived in your name, employees of various banks who want you to help them get millions out of the country, the terminally ill wanting you to distribute their wealth to worthy causes because they don’t trust their families, etc., etc., all in a transparent attempt to access your bank account details and/or - if you are naïve enough to be hooked - get you to fork out a few hundred bucks for certain "processing fees". 


These are some of the loglines:Good news, you have a package with Fed-Ex, Congratulations lucky winner, Future millionaires wanted, Important notice! and Greetings to you! (I find that one particularly ominous)  International ATM Credit Settlement. Then there are the educational prospects: A Radiology degree offers new career opportunities, A rewarding career begins with a degree, A brighter future starts with a medical billing degree and Ever thought about getting into pharmaceuticals? (Oh boy, have I!).


But by far the most spam seems to revolve around erections or lack of same, which leads me to assume that the male erection, or lack of same, is a bigger problem than I had ever supposed. What used to be the relatively discreet Get your Viagra online has evolved into some very imaginative slogans, all of which seem to be aimed at the impotent American market:  When the tool is hard life is good, How to control your ejaculations, Your pecker will grow by inches (why stop there? Why not yards?). This next one’s really weird: You can make your daughter groan girls from pleasure? (not composed by an English-speaker, surely?), Get bigger and harder erections,  Want a king pecker?, Rock hard is the only result we give, Express size increase only with magic growth, Proud American!, Cheap method to increasing your erection, Boost your erection and sex life now, She will want to wrap her hands around your shaft (very graphic, that one). And my personal favorite: Put power in your pecker (short and to the point).  


The number of websites and online pharmacies devoted to flogging comparatively priced Viagra and generic drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, like Cialis, Levitra, Tadalis, Meridia, Celebrex, and the Little Blue Pill, etc., is truly phenomenal. Wondering if this was a relatively recent development or if the problem had always been lurking in the male psyche, I tried to access some sales statistics, purported to be in billions, but came up against a stone wall. I shall, however, keep trying.


Meanwhile, I came across an article from 2001, reporting one of the first Viagra-related deaths, Mr. Kenneth Marsh of Fairfield, Indiana, who died of an overdose. Apparently it took them 3 days to wipe the smile off his face and another 2 weeks to get the coffin lid down.


What is certain, is that today more money is being spent on Viagra than on Alzheimer's research, which means that by 2040, there will a lot of old men with huge erections unlikely to know what to do with them.


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