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Communicate worldwide, expand your business, reach new clients in foreign territories and ensure international marketing success.

Geraldine Blecker and her experienced team of professional writers, journalists and translators offer comprehensive  German-English translation and creative writing services.

Original Text: journalistic reports, articles, advertising and PR copy, screenplays for features and documentaries, image films, video clips, TV and feature film, subtitles, song lyrics, literary adaptations, corporate presentations, business plans and concepts, legal  correspondence and contracts, technical  specifications and manuals.


. automotive industry, building industry, chemical industry, defense engineering, electrical industry, engineering, medical technology, metal industry, mining & energy, operating instructions, software & computing, wood processing, music & audio electronics

LEGAL. civil law, property rights, international corporate law, media law, copyright and patent law

banking/stock market; business management; contracts; insurance; investment;
marketing &
market research

SCIENCES. biomedical sciences; chemistry/physics; climate; ecology; geosciences; medicine;
PUBLIC RELATIONS:advertisements, presentation brochures, distribution & sales, fairs & events, film/radio/tv

IT: manuals, multimedia, video games, websites
LITERATURE: fiction and non-fiction