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Recent Writing & Translation Work (2017/18)


* Among the series of Interactive History DVDs (27 in all for DokumentAR Film, Münster), Geraldine most recently penned the English version of the 5-part film series: MARTIN LUTHER AND THE REFORMATION, as well as the 6-part series/133 mins. THE FIRST WORLD WAR: VERSAILLES AND THE CONSEQUENCES

* All modules for the NEUE FRIEDRICH-ENGELS AUSSTELLUNG (for the Historisches Zentrum Wuppertal, Museum für Frühindustrialisierung);

* All information and exhibition material for the Stadt Museum of Paderborn, as well as the exhibition THE PRUSSIANS IN PADERBORN in the Residenzmuseum of Paderborn, together with all text (English into German) for the film A DEFEATED PEOPLE, (credited in London's Imperial War Museum);

* Expose, synopsis, presentation: NO FOREST - NO WATER: FOREST PROTECTION FOR WATER IN BRAZIL, documentary film by BCE Films, Munich;

* Tweilve episodes of the TV series: TASHAN (English into German, for GmbH, Munich) 
* All text, interviews and narration for the episode THE GREATEST CRIMES OF ALL TIME - SERIAL KILLERS, and the 6-part series: WARSHIPS (English into German). Both for Maximus Films, Munich

* Previous work for Maximus Films: BEHIND BARS. The World’s Toughest Prisons (6 x 60 mins); EVIL KNOWS: In the Name of Science (6 x 60 mins); GIANT CONSTRUCTIONS: The World’s Most Spectacular Bridges (5 x 60 min)

* All text for: WOMEN SHOW THEIR FACES - MEN, THEIR FILMS! - Study on the Representation of Film Works by Women in Germany's Festival Program by Tanja C. Krainhöfer (HFF Munchen), as well as the study: THE BERLINALE - A PATH TOWARDS DIVERSITY

* THE BRIDGE BUILDERS – Synopses of 5-part novel for Beta Films, Munich

* All presentation material, brochure and website text for the LUMINALE 2018 - Exhibition of Light & Urban Design in the City of Frankfurt (for Messe Frankfurt)


For BETA FILMS, Munich: Synopses, loglines, blurb and sometime titles for the following film & TV projects:

ERIK & ERIKA - The True Story of the Man who became the female world champion  

K-FILES - Locked away for knowing too much 

The TYPIST - Her Own Kind of Justice 

TWO SOLDIERS - two kinds of war 

RIVER OF LIFE - Each journey a tale of love, adventure and personal discovery

PRIVATE BANKING - When Money Talks

WISHLIST - Be careful what you wish for

“M” - A City Hunts a Killer

ON THE RUN - Facing danger and hatred, a family seeks refuge at the other end of the world

HOUSE OF BOND - The bigger they dream – the harder they fall

ROMANCE AT REINDEER LODGE - Chirstmas in Jamaica 

WITH LOVE, CHRISTMAS - A Holiday Crash Course

PAULA - THE KING'S FAVORITE (romantic TV series)

TEAM CHOCOLATE – A Truffle Mystery, (Coming-of-age adventure series)

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